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Classes run from mid-January to mid-December

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Introduction to Ballet learning guide

Relive the dream. Intro to ballet. Join a adult beginner ballet class at Move Through Life Dance Studio. Photo by GT Studios. Dancer Kirsty Duncan

Start your ballet journey on the right foot ...

Don’t struggle to remember terminology or remember steps, or worry about whether you’ll know what you’re doing when you go to your first ballet class.

Our 67-page, fully illustrated Ballet Learning Guide for Level 1 will give you an edge and help you make the most out of your ballet classes, so you can move more quickly past the absolute beginner stage and kick start your journey as a ballet dancer.

Dance in the Park

Dance Classes for Adults

Sunday 14 October

An hour long, outdoor dance experience, set on soft grass with a backdrop of sea and sky.

Great music.  Simple dance routines.  Fun and laughter.  No experience needed.

Virtual membership with Move Through Life Dance Studio

Dance when & where it suits you

This is for you if you can't get to one of our dance classes, but want to have dance in your life

If you can’t get to one of our classes regularly, you can still be involved in dance and the Move Through Life Dance Community through our virtual membership.  You get:

  • access to our exclusive Members Only Facebook group, where you can connect with other members, access videos and tips to get you dancing, and read inspiring articles and stories to enhance your learning
  • 10% discount on dance classes with us, and on merchandise (like our Dance Forever tshirt)
  • complimentary phone session with MTL Studio Owner to help you clarify your dance goals and work out how to achieve them

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