How do you want to dance?

With our in person and online dance opportunities, we aim to create an oasis where you can escape the whirlwind of modern life for a little while, and have some time to yourself, to let go of your worries, slow down your mind, and nurture the part of yourself that loves to dance. 

During the shutdown period due to COVID-19, we’ve kept our community dancing with live streamed and ondemand dance.

From Thursday 11 June, some of our classes will be returning to the studio so you can dance in person.

Online dance classes and more are made possible through Namastream and Zoom.

You Can Choose To:

Take a dance class in the studio, to get away from it all and spend time with other dancers

Take an online dance class from the comfort of your own home, either live streamed or recorded

Sign up for our online introduction to ballet course so you can learn and progress at your own pace.

Choose an online workout, tutorial, or dance to learn from our on demand video library

How to get started

Dance classes in studio

Step 1: Setup your profile in Zen Planner

Step 2: Choose  a membership based on how many classe you’ll do each week (and make sure you read the terms and conditions so you know what you’re signing up for)

Step 3: View the timetable and book your classes


From $19.25/week

Billed every 4 weeks

4 membership options:

  • Silver – $19.25/week – 1 class/week
  • Gold – $35.50/week – 2 classes/week
  • Platinum – $49.25/;week – 3 classes/week
  • Diamond – $60.50/week – unlimited classes

View more about membership (including terms & conditions)

Dance classes online

Step 1: Setup your profile in Zen Planner, and purchase the live streamed classes unlimited membership and make your booking

Step 2: You will receive an email with details about how to access the live streamed classe in Namastream and download Zoom

Step 3: Login to Namastream, click on Events, and click ‘join session’



Billed weekly

Unlimited access to livestream and recordings of livestream classes

Online Intro to Ballet course

Step 1: Head to our virtual studio, hosted on Namastream

Step 2: Purchase the course

Step 3: Start the first lesson as soon as you are ready



One off fee

Designed for compete beginners.  8 lessons.  Over three hours of video teaching.  Access to closed Facebook group for course purchasers.

On demand video library

Step 1: Head to our virtual studio, hosted on Namastream

Step 2: Purchase the product ‘on demand video library’

Step 3: Filter the library to find the type of video you want – filter by:

  • type (workout, tutorial, choreography)
  • dance style (ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, other)
  • duration
  • instructor



Billed monthly

First 14 days free

Dance Styles


Build strength, grace, flexibility, discipline and confidence, while at the same time learning artistry, expression, musicality and developing appreciation for a classical art form.


Develop a strong, agile body, sense of rhythm and learn to move with style.


Build a strong and supple physique and to develop a strong awareness of where your body is in space (kinaesthetic awareness)


Learn to master the rhythm and style of tap dancing.  A full body cardio workout which tones your legs and turns your feet into a percussive instrument.

Dance Mix

A great place to start for a beginner dancer. Learn the fundamentals in a mix of dance styles. Focus on fun and great music.

Content Library

Our content library includes pre-recorded classes in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and dance mix from beginner to advanced, plus:

  • Workouts to improve your dance fitness (strength, flexibility, technique, fitness)
  • Tutorials to teach you specific steps or technique tips
  • Courses that teach you step by step so you can continue to progress and grow as a dancer (separate prices, not included in general content library membership)

Your first 14 days are free.  You can cancel before that if you don’t want to continue.  If you do want to continue, your card will be charged after 14 days and you’ll have no disruptions to your service.

Classes Timetable (in studio and livestream)

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Classes

The classes are designed to be suitable for small spaces. If you have enough space to take extend your leg to the front, side and back, or to take two large steps in each direction, you will have enough space.

We advise you to avoid dancing on a concrete floor or on carpeted floor. Floorboards are ideal.

You can wear whatever you are comfortable exercising in, as long as it is safe and easy to move in. You can choose to wear dance wear or just general exercise wear, or even your pyjamas.

You can signup for the Live Streamed Classes Unlimited Membership for $27.50/week (billed weekly).

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to sell individual classes (we are limited by technology), but you can cancel your weekly livestream membership at any time by filling in our online cancellation form.

Please ensure you complete the form at least two business days before your next payment is due to give us time to cancel it.

Yes you do need to book, which you can do through our online booking system, powered by Zen Planner, and accessible via link on our homepage. If there are not enough people booked, the class will not go ahead.

1. Create a login in our booking system, powered by Zen Planner, which you can access:

  • from our home page
  • by going directly to, or
  • from the Zen Planner mobile app)

2. Purchase the ‘livestreamed classes unlimited membership’ (if you haven’t already)

3. Click on the timetable (on the homepage) and click ‘book’ next to the class you want to attend
(you can navigate to a different week by using the arrows at the top left of the timetable)

4. Access the livestream in Namastream (not Zen Planner)

  1. When you signup to the membership, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the live stream in Namastream
  2. Before your class starts, make sure you have downloaded Zoom (either visit to download on your computer, or download the Zoom app from the Apple Store or Google Play)

The class recording will be available for you to access for at least a week after the class is held.  Recordings are available in a separate product in Namastream (you’ll get details on how to access that in the email sent after you subscribe to the ‘livestreamed classes unlimited membership’ in Zen Planner).

Yes, you can cancel a booking by going to our online booking system (powered by Zen Planner), navigating to your schedule, and clicking ‘cancel class’. You will be able to cancel the class up to one hour before the class is due to start.

Yes, you can cancel your membership by filling in our online membership cancellation form.

Please ensure you complete the form at least two business days before your next payment is due to give us time to cancel it.

The virtual classes build from week to week over a term. We run our classes in 12 week terms which run back to back (without a break between terms) from mid January to mid December each year. As such, we recommend that you start in week 1 of the term (terms start in January, April, July and September) or at least within the first three weeks of term.

Your unlimited membership means you can join in any of our live streamed virtual classes and/or access recordings of the livestreamed classes (which are available for at least a week after the class is streamed)

As we offer dance classes for adults, the minimum age is 18 years old. We have no upper age limit.

There is no end of year performance planned for those doing our virtual classes.
We had planned to have a social event at in late August which is an optional performance for those in our regular instudio classes, but whether this happens will depend on when we are allowed to re-open classes.

We do offer introductory courses for complete beginners which is suitable for people who have had no previous dance experience. Usually these are offered in studio, but we do have an online Introduction to Ballet course, which you can purchase separately for $97. We are planning introductory courses in other dance styles.

The only virtual class on offer at the moment that are designed for complete beginners is the Dance Mix Mature class.

If you have some dance experience you may be able to join one of our level 2 classes. Please be aware that for the level 2 classes there is assumed knowledge.

Visit to read about the experience required for each of our different levels.

The levels we offer are:

  • Level 1 – complete beginner
  • Level 2 – experienced beginner
  • Level 3 – early intermediate
  • Level 4 – experienced intermediate
  • Level 5 – pro-am (Pro-am is a contraction of ‘professional amateur’ and refers to the pursuit of dance at a near professional level by people who have another job or career, and aren’t pursuing dance as a profession, but may be professional dance teachers or educators.
  • Level 6 – professional (we do not currently offer any professional level classes)

If you still aren’t sure which level to choose, get in touch with Anne, our Client Relationship Officer, via email ( or mobile 0408 240 772 (phone hours are between 1-5pm Monday to Friday).

Our classes are taught by a team of teachers. You can see who are teachers are, see their photo, and read their biography at

On Demand Content Library

The content library includes video classes, workouts, and tutorials related to ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and dance conditioning (think stretching and strengthening).

You can access all the videos in the general content library for your weekly subscription fee of $27.50/week). New videos are being added regularly, so the content library will continue to grow.

There are also additional courses available which you can purchase for $97/course. The courses vary in duration but are generally made up of eight lessons, designed for you to complete one lesson per week.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription through Namastream:

  • When you are logged in, click on the My Account tab in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to see a list of your purchases
  • Click on the drop down menu for the subscription you’d like to cancel and click Cancel Subscription
  • Once you have done this, the word ‘canceled’ will appear, confirming you have cancelled your subscription.

Yes, you can sign up to a one-week free trial. When you sign up for the trial, you will be asked to enter your credit card details. Your card will not be charged if you cancel the subscription.