About Move Through Life Dance Studio

Specialists in dance classes for adults

Have you been looking for adult dance classes?

I mean, classes where there are adults of all ages.

You don’t have to settle for dancing in a class full of teenagers, or the only adult dance class in a children’s dance school, or going through the motions at the gym.  Instead, why not dance to improve your balance, flexibility, strength, fitness, coordination, and self expression.

When you come to class at Move Through Life, you’re not just an add-on to a children’s dance school or a way for a dance company to get extra income.

We are here to help you on your journey of lifelong dance for health, well being, creativity, and friendship.

Whether you are new to dance, had a long break, or have never stopped, there is an adult dance class to suit you at Move Through Life.  You can join in a beginner, intermediate or advanced class, and if you find it’s not quite the right level, you can change to a different class.

Perhaps ballet has always fascinated you.  Or you like to get a great workout with a fast-paced jazz class.  Would you love the feeling of power and grace that you get in a contemporary class? Or is rhythm your thing and you’d love to join a tap class?

No matter what style you choose, we give you the chance to use both your body and mind together to improve your fitness and well being.

Wouldn’t you love to join us?

Ballet class