Move Through Life Ambassadors

Our Move Through Life Ambassadors are individuals who epitomise our values here at Move Through Life, and who absolutely love our classes, our community, and our philosophy of dancing and moving throughout your life.

The values our Ambassadors demonstrate in spades include health and wellbeing, making a positive difference in the world, friendship and connection, community and belonging, joy and happiness.

Their role is to make sure everyone who comes to a Move Through Life dance class feels welcome and immediately connected to our community.  They are also empowered and encouraged to go out into the world and let others know about how wonderful our community is, and to encourage them to take that first bold step into the dance studio.

Would you like to meet them?

Ann Lewis - Move Through Life Ambassador who does mature dance and ballet classes for adults with Move Through Life Dance Studio

Ann Lewis

Classes: Mature Dance in Clarence Park, and Intermediate Beginner Ballet in Seacliff

Gold member

Year of birth: 1961

Occupation: Graphic Designer

Favourite dance quote: Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world (Voltaire)

What I love about dance: The rush of endorphins, the music, the joy of moving to that music and having fun.

What I love about MTL: The laughs, the sharing and the friendliness of everyone, the great teachers. A safe place to let yourself go.

My dance background: I have gone to dance classes on and off (but mainly off) mainly as a child and teenager, always danced at parties and now want to keep dancing until I can’t any more.

Anne Stewart - Client Relationship Officer at Move Through Life Dance Studio, offering dance classes for adults in Adelaide, South Australia

Anne Stewart

Classes: Beginner Ballet in Seacliff and Glengowrie

Platinum member

Year of birth: 1972

Occupation: Client Relationship Officer

Favourite dance quotes: ‘Stick it in your tutu and dance with it’ and ‘If you dance with your heart your body will follow’

What I love about dance: I lose myself in the music and movement.  I laugh and cringe at myself and feel so energised after class. Best of all I’m exercising and I don’t even know it at the time.

What I love about MTL: Everything ! I Love MTL as it is a place I can go as an adult, and not be self conscious of what I look like. I am not comparing myself to anyone else as I am only focused on my dance. I love the people at MTL, everyone is so friendly and welcoming from your own class to when you drop in to another class for a once off class. The teachers are brilliant, beautiful people that have taught me so much in such a short time already. I think MTL has a fantastic community and family feel to it that you just feel the friendships being made because of something we all like to do …. dance.

My dance background: I danced like most as a little girl, stopping because on a concert night the audience laughed at our little duck bottoms wobbling at the audience… I was mortified … I was 8 ! Once I had kids I wanted to do something for myself and I always loved music and dancing so I started going to different styles of dance but then kids got in the way and I stopped. A year ago I thought, time to get back to dance and I found MTL. Now I can’t imagine not dancing each week and miss it when I can’t be there.

Glenda Vartzokas is an MTL Ambassador who loves her dance classes for adults at Move Through Life Dance Studio

Glenda Vartzokas

Classes: Mature Dance in Clarence Park

Silver member

Year of birth: 1958

Occupation: Semi-retired registered nurse, and also Administrator at Vartzokas Architects (my husband’s practice)

Favourite dance quote: Dance is the hidden language of the soul (Martha Graham)

What I love about MTL: It’s a relaxing, fun, focus on new dance movement. Helps with my balance and improving flexibility. A great groupof participants, who are interested in this type of exercise. Great social interaction.

My dance background: I have never done ballet or jazz previously, but have done some Greek folk dancing.

Move Through Life Ambassador Karen Tipper loves her dance classes for adults

Karen Tipper

Classes: Contemporary in Windsor Gardens

Silver member

Year of birth: 1965

Occupation: former midwife and nurse, photographer and business owner

Favourite dance quote: You don’t stop dancing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop dancing (unknown)

What I love about dance: I love dance because it is my life. It has been a part of my life since I was 4. I have great memories of dance. Dancing with my Dad, my husband, at ballet class. It is my happy place!  I started ballet for health reasons but soon fell in love with all things ballet and dance. I wanted to teach but after back surgery I was unable to “do” everything that was required. My teacher insisted that she did not “do” – she taught and I could do that but I felt if I could not “do” I should not teach. Ballet stopped, ballroom dancing continued. I never lost my love of ballet.

What I love about MTL: I have been able to reignite the flame physically with my contemporary classes. I can go at my own pace – challenge myself with great guidance and supervision. Never feeling stupid or embarrassed because I am not at the standard I once was. I love that I am in a nurturing community. I can develop my skills again, knowing that I am benefitting physically, emotionally and socially!

My dance background: I started ballet at 4 and stopped at 14. I did ballroom dancing from 9 until 26 when I injured my back at work! I then really didn’t do any regular dancing until six years ago when we started back at the occasional ballroom dancing social event or rock and roll night. I have been at MTL since June once a week and have really noticed the difference. Having just had a four week break I was so glad to back last night. I thought I would be a bit sore today but instead I was feeling so energised, no aches or pains – in fact less than I had when I was away!

Kate King

Classes: Mature Dance in Crafers

Silver member

Year of birth: 1959

Occupation: Retired, moonlighting as a proof reader

Favourite dance quote: “Life is short and there will always be dirty dishes, so let’s dance.” James Howe

What I love about dance: Dance keeps me flexible and fit, and I have so much fun that I forget that I’m actually exercising.

What I love about MTL: It gives adults the opportunity to discover or rediscover dance, regardless of their age, size, shape or level of expertise.

My dance background: My only brief experience with dance in the past was as a rather uncoordinated four year old.  Until I came across Move Through Life, I had no idea that there would be anywhere for inexperienced adults to have a go at dancing.  I’ve had such an amazing time at my classes and can feel my fitness, strength, coordination and general well-being improving all the time. I’ve noticed how much easier it is to get on the floor and play with the grandchildren and to pick things up from the floor.  We do tend to laugh a bit in our class and I always go home feeling relaxed, energised and ready to take on the world.

Marg Whelan loves her dance classes for adults at Move Through Life Dance Studio

Marg Whelan

Classes: Mature Dance in Seacliff

Silver member

Year of birth: 1953

Occupation: Teacher

Favourite dance quote: There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them.” Vicki Baum

What I love about dance: Dance is the total package for me – it benefits my body, mind and spirit all at the same time.

What I love About MTL: The ONLY requirement for an adult to join a class is the desire to learn dance – MTL is so inclusive and welcoming!

My dance background: I first went to dance classes from about the age of 6 til I was about 15.
Enter the comeback queen – never a star, always enthusiastic!
Comeback 1 –  for 2 years when I was 18/19
Comeback 2 – for about 5 years in my mid 40’s
Comeback 3 – in my mid 50’s and still going……

Move Through Life Ambassador Millie Garard loves her dance classes for adults

Millie Garard

Classes: Intermediate Ballet in Seacliff

Silver member

Year of birth: 1977

Occupation:  Business Owner

Favourite dance quote: We can’t always choose the music life plays for us, but we can choose how we dance to it. (unkown)

What I love about dance: It allows me to be truly me. Which is scary and fun and exciting and hard and easy, all at the same time.

What I love about MTL: It allows you to make whatever you want out of the lessons offered. You can make our workout as easy or as hard as you wish, you can challenge your mind, you can develop your skill, you can learn how your body moves, You can wear a leotard and ballet wrap if you want, you can come to a place of zero judgement and enjoy yourself.

My dance background: I like to tell people that I danced for 18 months as a kid and never got over it 🙂 Then came back to dance at the age of 34 and have been dancing ever since. And will continue to dance as long as I function.

Nikki Long. Ambassador for Move Through LIfe Dance Studio - dance classes for adults

Nikki Long

Classes: Intermediate Ballet in Seacliff, Beginner & Intermediate Jazz in Clarence Park

Platinum meber

Year of birth: 1997

Occupation: Retail sports store

Favourite dance quote: You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream (C.S Lewis)

My favourite thing about dancing: It makes me happy. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I learn something new or when I nail something that we have been learning and I haven’t quite got the hang of.  You feel so much pride and accomplishment no matter what level you are at because there is always something to learn and improve on. I love to be challenge in dance.

What I love about MTL: It gave me the opportunity to start dancing. It is extremely hard to find a studio for adults that offers all different types of dance and for adults who are complete beginners. Classes at MTL are also a complete no judgement zone, I have never walked into something new and felt so welcome and relaxed not worried about what other people are thinking of me. There is an amazing feeling of community at all the MTL classes you attend because everyone is there for the same reason, to dance and have fun. MTL has given me enough skills and confidence to go and audition and be accepted to a full time dance course which I will be beginning next year, I am incredibly grateful! I have met some wonderful people in my time at MTL.

My dance background:I have been dancing for about a year, maybe a bit longer. I started ballet classes with MTL in 2016, then I took a break for 6 months or so so i could save to go overseas, then started ballet and beginner jazz again with MTL in April of this year. I am now doing beginner and intermediate jazz classes which I really, really enjoy.

Rachel Gillespie - Ambassador for Move THrough LIfe Dance Studio dance classes for adults

Rachel Gillespie

Classes: Mature Dance and Intermediate Ballet in Seacliff

Silver member

Year of birth: 1964

Occupation: Administrator of the Abraham Institute

Favourite dance quote: Dance is the hidden language of the soul (Martha Graham)

What I love about dance: I love moving my body to music and losing myself in that movement and music. The world slips away and it’s just me trying to remember the details of the exercise/dance and constantly improve my technique.
What I love about MTL: MTL has a warm and inviting atmosphere, the teachers are both enthusiastic and highly experienced, and it’s filling a niche market in Adelaide by catering to adult dance learners of all ages and abilities in a variety of different dance styles.
My dance background: I did classical ballet from the age of five to fifteen. I stopped for a long time, which was one of my biggest regrets. I finally came back to dance at the age of 52, doing Mature dance. Doing Mature dance and Jo’s encouragement led to me doing ballet classes, as well. During my first ballet class at MTL, I felt like I’d come home.
Victoria Morgan loves her dance classes for adults at Move Through Life Dance Studio

Victoria Morgan

Classes: Ballet in Seacliff, Mature Dance, Dance Conditioning and Ballet in Glengowrie

Gold member

Year of birth: 1970

Occupation: actress, producer, voice over artist, business owner

Favourite dance quotes: When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance (from ‘I hope you dance’ by Lee Anne Womak, writte by Tia Sillers)

What I love about dance: I love my dancing friendships, body improvements & mindfulness during class, but the ‘after glow’ is what I love most. Sometimes, days later, I’m still energised and my mind feels clearer from that hour of dance.

What I love about MTL: In the beginning MTL gathered me in their arms without expectation. 18 months on, I’m calmly encouraged to progress further, and then supported when my almost 50 year old body needs short rests. It’s true that MTL teachers definitely know their “young-at-heart dancing” stuff. Their knowledge of the more mature body, allows us to dance rigorously and safely.

My dance background: Growing up in Kenya where the only extra-curricular activity was ballet, my parents enrolled me when I was two. I had lessons until I was 18. But I have to confess, my passion for ballet waned in direct opposition to my discovery of a teenage social life! 26 years on and watching my daughters dance in various ways through school, I realised the ever-present joy of dance in me needed to be nourished. That’s when I discovered MTL.

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