Jo McDonald is the founder and owner of Move Through Life Dance Studio. She teaches ballet, contemporary and jazz for the studio. Sometimes, she writes for Dance Informa, Australia's online dance magazine.

how to improve balance in arabesque

how to improve balance in arabesque

How to improve balance in arabesque Dancer Shana Inge. Photo by Jo McDonald. Balance can be tricky, especially in arabesque en l’air, so I thought I’d share some of my tips for maintaining your turnout, creating a beautiful line, and balancing in arabesque. 15 tips to create a beautiful balance in arabesque Engage muscles 1.…

muscle contraction for dancers

Types of muscle contraction

Types of muscle contractions for dancersDescription of each type of muscle contraction When you are dancing, being able to connect your mind to your body is incredibly important.  It might sound odd, but think about it. Your muscles move because your brain directs them to.  If you have a better understanding of what your muscles…