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Now available - a comprehensive, 67-page, illustrated guide to ballet for absolute beginners

Learn the terminology as well as how to do each step at beginner level, and why we do each step

What to expect in ballet class at Move Through Life

Ballet as an adult is different to what you might remember if you did ballet as a child, at least, it is here at Move Through Life.

  • Not everyone has the stereotypical ballet body. Yes, ballet does help you improve tone, flexibility, and strength, but we adults come in all shapes and sizes, and every type of body can do ballet.
  • You don’t need to wear pink tights and a leotard, or put your hair in a bun.  You can wear what you want.  If ballet gear is your thing, then go for it.  But you can choose a t-shirt and trackies if that’s better for you.
  • Footwear of your choice.  You can choose to wear bare feet, socks, ballet flats, demi-pointe or full pointe shoes.
  • The music is not just ballet piano music.  We have a variety of music from different genres and eras.
  • You’re not expected to be quiet all the time and call your teacher ‘Miss’.  We’re all equals here, and we want to have fun as well as learn, develop technique, and exercise.
  • There’s no competitiveness or cliques.  We are all about inclusion, and you can be sure no-one will judge you. Instead, they’ll encourage and support you.
  • You won’t be pushed to do anything that is not suitable for your body.  If you need to adapt something or take it easy due to an injury that’s fine.  You know your body best.
  • Not just an adult beginner ballet class.  We offer classes from absolute beginners up to professional level – find out more about our levels
  • Despite our relaxed atmosphere, we do offer excellent technique, a good workout, and spend equal time at the barre and in the centre.

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