Modern Dance Pioneers - Isadora Duncan, Ted Shawn, Ruth St Denis, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey

Modern Dance Pioneers – the origins of today’s contemporary dance techniques

Modern dance pioneersThe origins of today’s contemporary dance techniques Contemporary dance is an umbrella term that covers a range of different techniques and styles.  Examples include ‘release technique’, ‘Graham technique’, ‘Cunningham technique’, ‘Limon technique’, ‘Horton technique’, and more.  While these techniques have some differences, they share a common ancestry. To understand ‘contemporary dance’, it’s helpful…


weight management for all ages

Introducing Nutritionist/Dietitian Francisca Pereira We are proud to introduce a new heath and wellbeing partner for Move Through Life Dance Studio.  Nutritionist/dietitian Francisca Pereira will be sharing her expertise with Move Through Life dancers through various blog articles.  If you have a question about nutrition, feel free to send it through to Hi Move…