Modern Dance Pioneers - Isadora Duncan, Ted Shawn, Ruth St Denis, Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey

Modern Dance Pioneers – the origins of today’s contemporary dance techniques

Modern dance pioneersThe origins of today’s contemporary dance techniques Contemporary dance is an umbrella term that covers a range of different techniques and styles.  Examples include ‘release technique’, ‘Graham technique’, ‘Cunningham technique’, ‘Limon technique’, ‘Horton technique’, and more.  While these techniques have some differences, they share a common ancestry. To understand ‘contemporary dance’, it’s helpful…

ADT in Garry Stewart's Objekt. Photo by Andreas Etter

Objekt review

”Interview Interview by Jo McDonald Australian Dance Theatre gave Move Through Life Dance Studio a double pass to see their latest work ‘Objekt’, which was performed at the Adelaide College of the Arts last week. We put the double pass up for grabs by clients of Move Through Life, and the lucky winner was Margaret…


weight management for all ages

Introducing Nutritionist/Dietitian Francisca Pereira We are proud to introduce a new heath and wellbeing partner for Move Through Life Dance Studio.  Nutritionist/dietitian Francisca Pereira will be sharing her expertise with Move Through Life dancers through various blog articles.  If you have a question about nutrition, feel free to send it through to Hi Move…