Chloe Moir

Chloe Moir

Tertiary dance graduate, Chloe Moir, joined Move Through Life Dance Company because she wanted to be in a space with other passionate dancers and get back into the rehearsal space.  Her dream is to become a choreographer and is working hard to get her work out there for others to see.

The best piece of advice she’s received is that ‘nothing is set in stone’, a mantra she applies to both dance and life.

Find out more about Chloe – creative, caring, and fun – by reading her answers to our Q&A below

Tell us about your early dance journey?  Where did you start and what did you do as a child?

Didn’t take classes as a child but was also dancing around the house. Started dancing in high school were I completed my SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) and fell in love with the art


What is your earliest memory of dance?

I had a pair of shoes that were very loud on floor boards so I use to pretend I was tap dancing down my grandparents’ long hallway


Where have you trained and who were your teachers as a dancer?

Hayley Weston, SACE dance contemporary

ACPA (Australian Company of Performing Arts) musical theatre program (multiple teachers)

AC Arts Certificate IV in Dance, Kialea Nadine-Williams, Lisa Heaven and Peter Sheedy

Amanda Phillips, Dancehub

SA Hyperdance, Christina Bennet &Kelly-Marie Korcek

Dance Alive, Rejane Linford-Garcia


What have been some standout moments/achievements you’ve had with dance?

During university when I was able to choreograph our third year production. It involved a lot of dances to choreograph to and a lot of planning to make it work with the show plus all rehearsal time (I was very proud of the outcome from all my efforts). Being a part of the young artist program with Dance Hub SA and showcasing myself as an independent choreographer


Have you performed in a Fringe show before? If so, tell us about it

Not Fringe, but have been a part of the Cabaret Festival and Ozasia Festival


What is your favourite thing about dance?

The feeling of losing yourself in the movement


What is your favourite thing about performing?

The feeling of accomplishment because of all the lead up and time put into rehearsals


What dance styles are you most drawn to?

Contemporary and commercial


What do you prefer – class, rehearsal, or performance, and why?

Performance – it is more in the moment and there are less distractions, all my focus is on the steps


What are your top three favourite dance movies?

Step up, Footloose, Center Stage


Who are some of your favourite dancers or choreographers?

Kialea Nadine-Williams, Larissa McGowan, Micheal Dameski


What for you is the most challenging and most rewarding aspect of dance?

When you finally nail a move that you have been trying for a long time


What training or practice do you do at home?

Stretching most nights and exercise at the gym and practice choreography in my small room


What are your dance goals, dreams, or aspirations?

I want to become a choreographer and work on getting my work out there for people to see and to build the dance industry in Adelaide


How many times a week do you dance? And what are they (eg class, rehearsals, where, with who?)

3 nights a week

Dance Alive, Unley contemporary

MTL company

Hyperdance, city lyrical


Who inspires you (they can be dance or not dance related)

Kialea-Nadine Williams. Her contemporary open classes were my first insight into a more traditional sense of the style and I really enjoyed dancing her choreography


What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received (again, it doesn’t have to be dance-related)

Nothing is set in stone. I feel this applies to dance and life. I can make changes when I need and for what’s best for me.


What keeps you motivated when you are tired, discouraged, or down?

I remind myself why I love what I do and think back to times that really spark joy from dancing


Why did you decide to audition for the MTL Performing Company?

I wanted to be in a space with other passionate dancers and get back into the rehearsal space


How did you hear about Move Through Life?

I heard about MTL on Facebook back when I was in high school and needed ballet lessons.


What is your favourite thing about being part of the MTL Performing Company?

The supportive environment


What always makes you laugh?

Good puns


What hobbies do you have outside of dance?

Sewing and crafts


What is your ‘day job’? (could be working, studying, volunteering etc)

Dance teacher at DanceSA and Bakery Department at Drakes Supermarkets


Describe your personality in three (or so) words

Creative, caring, fun