Dance performance for adults. Photo from 'We Were One' by Kirsty Duncan. Photo by Ryan Crowley Join our Performance Company Re-connect with your identity as a dancer and performer

After a 5 year hiatus, Move Through Life is relaunching its performing company to present a season in the 2021 Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The aim of the company is to give adult dancers an opportunity to perform and to continue to develop their artistic practice, even though they probably have another career. We believe that being a dancer can be part of your identity without having to commit your whole life to dance.

Experience required

We are looking for adult dancers who:

  • have trained to a high level but are not currently pursuing a professional performing career
  • consider being a dancer as part of their identity (even if they haven’t been dancing lately)
  • are interested in performing or choreographing
  • have trained in either ballet, jazz, or contemporary technique.

Other qualities

  • Ability to follow through on a commitment, which includes attending rehearsals and performances they have committed to attending
  • Commitment to the values of Move Through Life (belonging and connection; kindness and encouragement; acceptance/celebration of all bodies; fun, laughter and play; courage, imagination and creativity; joy, happiness and wellbeing
  • Recognise the value of working as a collective to achieve a shared vision
  • Willingness to be involved in fundraising and promotional efforts.

How to get involved

  1. Download and read the information book
  2. Attend the information session
  3. Attend the audition

Key dates

30 June 2020 RSVP to attend information session

1 July 2020 Information session held

8 July 2020 Register to audition

15 July 2020 Audition held

29 July 2020 Rehearsals commence


The information session, audition, and rehearsals will be held at:

Clovelly Park Memorial Community Hall
16 York Avenue, Clovelly Park


The company is based on a collective model, where company members  with a monthly contribution of $100.
The contribution will be paid each month from Wednesday 29 July until the end of February, by automatic payment (via credit card or direct debit) through the booking system Zen Planner.

Company structure

Move Through Life is not a professional company.

Instead, it is a non-funded company that has been established to provide adult dancers and choreographers who are not professionals with an opportunity to train, create, and perform.

In line with the MTL philosophy that if we work together we can make amazing things happen, the company is more like a collective of dance artists who put together their time, money and other resources to realise their dreams.

As such, dancers and choreographers are not paid, and instead pay a monthly contribution so that it is possible to provide the opportunity to create and perform.



From when rehearsals start at end of July 2020 until the performance in March 2021

The contribution paid, along with box office income, will go towards expenses such as rehearsal venue hire, theatre hire and theatre staff costs, marketing and promotion, administration, costumes and sets, hire of lighting and equipment, professional fees for the company director as well as other mentors


Each company member will be asked to sign a Company Agreement.

The purpose of the agreement is to ensure a shared and clear understanding of the responsibilities of each party, rather than as a contract to lock you into something.

The commitment you will be asked to undertake will be to:

  • attend scheduled rehearsals (if it is unavoidable that you miss a rehearsal, to provide adequate notice)
  • contribute to promotion of the season through your social media and personal networks, and by involvement in promotional performances leading up to the main season
  • contribute to any fundraising efforts that may need to be undertaken (not by personally donating money, but by being involved in any fundraising events, which might include a season launch VIP event to raise funds)

Audition information

Audition time and place

7.15pm, Wednesday 15 July
Clovelly Park Memorial Community Hall
16 York Street, Clovelly Park

I will go for somewhere between one to two hours.

How to register to audition

Complete our online audition registration form.

Once I receive your registration, I’ll send you a confirmation email (it won’t be immediate, as I’m doing these manually).

Catch up on the information session video

If you missed the night, you can find out what we covered by watching the Facebook Live video of the session on our Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the internet dropped out a bit, so my apologies for that.  We spent some time going around the circle so everyone could share a bit about their background and reason for being interested in the Company.  If you want to watch that part, you can, but if you’re short for time, skip to about 35 minutes in.

If you can’t make the audition

A couple of people have let me know they aren’t available on the date of the audition, because they had previously planned to go away as it is school holidays.

I am considering holding a second audition on the following Wednesday (22 July) if there are enough people who can’t make the 15th.  If you are in that situation, please email me to let me know if you can make it on the 22nd instead).

Outline of audition process

You don’t need to prepare anything special for the audition.

  • It will start with a warmup / mini class
  • After that you’ll learn some choreography in ballet, jazz, and contemporary (or something that combines these styles)
  • We’ll then manipulate that choreography to change it from an individual routine to a group rouine (don’t worry, I’ll support and guide you through this)

Audition objective

My objective is to get a sense of”

  • what dance styles you are familiar with
  • what your strengths are, and
  • whether I think you are a good fit for the Company (for example, you may have very strong technique, but prefer a completely different process or type of dance than the Company will offer)

There is room in the Company for people with different levels of experience, so it is not just about technique.  The choreography I’ll offer in the session will not be at a super high level, as I want all in the audition to be able to show me their best dancing, not feel overwhelmed with advanced technique.

What to wear

Wear whatever you would normally dance in.  As long as you feel comfortable and can move well enough to show your best dancing, whatever you choose is fine.

Information for those interested in choreographing

If you are interested in choreographing, make sure you indicate that in your audition registration.

Even if you just want to choreograph, I would still like to see you dance in the audition.  If part of the reason you don’t want to perform is because you don’t think your body is up to it, let me know and we will adjust things to suit your body.  I just want to see how you move.

I will send out separate information to people interested in choreographing about the process.  You might have a fully fledged idea, or just know that you want to choreograph but haven’t made any firm decisions yet.

I am still putting together information for choreographers, so I will send that to anyone who has expressed an interest in choreographing.  Don’t worry, saying you’re interested in choreographing on the registration form doesn’t mean you are committing to it yet.

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Move Through Life Dance Studio offers dance classes to adults of all ages in ballet, contemporary, and jazz.  We pride ourselves on offering you a place to indulge your love of dance, whether you’re a complete beginner, had a long break from dance, or danced all your life.  Our classes have a broad mix of ages, and our philosophy is that you are never too old to dance, it is never too late to start, and you can dance forever!

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