Dance Mix

Get started with dance by trying different styles in one class

Dance Mix - introduction to dance for adults

Would you love to try a dance class, but you’re not sure what style to go for? All you know is that you want it to be fun and to have great music.  If this is you, then you’ll love our Dance Mix class, which is a mix of styles like jazz, contemporary, tap, latin and more.

It’s the perfect introduction for someone new to dance to learn basic steps common to lots of dance style, and get a taste of what makes each style unique.
Don’t spend your life WISHING you’d learnt to dance.  Take the leap to sign up for a 12 week term. At the end you’ll be dancing with confidence, and loving life.

Intake of new beginner dancers every 12 weeks (January, April, July, September)

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Available in Regular and Mature


Most popular with people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

The Dance Mix Regular class features music from the 80s, 90s, 00s and today.

A fast-paced, energetic class that may include some jumps and floor work.


Our ‘Mature’ classes are most popular with people from mid-40s up to mid-70s.

Dance Mix Mature class features music from the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with a few more recent songs thrown in now and then.

A moderately-paced class where you can take out any movements (like jumps) that don’t suit your body, but where you can amp things up if you want to get more of a workout.

What type of dance is it?

In our Dance Mix class, you’ll start to learn the building blocks of dance, like step, hop, jump, turn, kick, and then put them together into different combinations that get more complex as you learn more.  On top of these building blocks, we layer style, so you can perform it in the different styles of dance, like jazz, contemporary, latin, hip hop, and more.  You’ll also learn movements that are unique to specific dance styles.

In each class, you’ll get a good warmup to prepare your body to dance, then learn a series of combinations (short dance routines), each with a different style or feel.  Towards the end of class you’ll do some travelling steps across the room, and finish with a deep stretch to release all the tension in your muscles.

What the dance class will do for you

It’s exercise you look forward to, where time seems to disappear in the blink of an eye.  Where you can improve your health and coordination without feeling like it’s a chore.

Dance class will keep your mind engaged so the stresses of the day fall away.

When you come to class, you’ll feel welcomed and accepted, and even cheered along as you overcome any hurdles and start to feel more confident and capable.

Reclaim your femininity, get back into your groove, and enjoy what it means to be a woman.

You’ll feel more connected to your body, more aware of how you move and breathe. You feel more like yourself in your own skin.  You feel more connected to your inner self, as if you are feeding or nurturing your soul.

Discover how dancing can bring happiness, joy, and fun to your week. So much so that you’ll find you can’t wait until it comes around again.

Meet a whole new group of women who you have something in common with, who also love moving, giving things a go, and want to get the most out of life.

Rediscover how it felt in your younger years when you were carefree and didn’t have so many responsibilities.


Clarence Park Community Centre
72-74 East Avenue, Black Forest

Glengowrie Uniting Church
33 Butler Crescent, Glengowrie

Seacliff Uniting Church
7-9 Wheatland Street, Seacliff

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