Diana Scalzi

Diana teaches tap and jazz in Henley Beach, and tap in Glengworie

Diana Scalzi

I remember watching Annie the musical for the first time around the age of nine. All I wanted to do after that was dance so I started classes. For me tap was a favourite.  It looked happy and it sounded musical. It combined my love of movement, music and rhythm perfectly. 

 At 15 I started ballet, which was exceptionally late by normal standards. It didn’t stop me. I ended up studying full time dance at Shelia Laing Academy of Performing Arts in Adelaide and then later moving to Sydney to train full time at Brent Street Performing Arts School.

Growing up with flat feet, a sway back and terrible lines, I was determined to overcome my physical limitations and be a prima ballerina, yet I still wanted to be as funky as Michael Jackson and have the class of Gene Kelly. I didn’t care that I wasn’t the stereotypical dancer. Dance is about expressing your soul and feeling alive. 

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion” – Martha Graham.

Studying ballet, contemporary, jazz, funk, hip hop, tap and even flamenco, I grew to love it all. I teach with great enthusiasm so you begin to love dance too, using music that is uplifting and motivating. I teach so that you begin to understand about the style, the history as well as the techniques. You will begin to make music with your body, learning a diverse range of styles from old school to new school, from Broadway style to hip hop. I teach you the little tricks to make you move effortlessly and make you feel comfortable. You will begin to get fit without even trying. Your brain will work out just as much as your body. I like to give you options and challenge you a little, but at the same time I make sure we all have fun.

I am a qualified pilates instructor through Studio Pilates and a qualified personal trainer through The Australian Institute of Fitness. I will take time and care to help you achieve whatever your goal is. I believe anyone at any age can dance. I learn so much from all my students who continue to inspire me: the ladies who are returning to dance after 40 years break and the mothers who never got a chance to dance before they had kids and are just starting out. Thank you for your energy, see you in class.