Get Started with Move Through Life Dance Studio

1. Choose dance style

We offer classes in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and mature dance (over 50s)

2. Choose your level

We offer classes from absolute beginners to advanced.

3. Choose locations

We offer classes in multiple locations. Check them out to find which ones are close to you.

4. Check timetable

Check out our full timetable / schedule of classes.  You can book a class directly from that page as well.

5. Find out when we have our next intake

We have an intake of new students every 12 weeks (January, April, July, September)

Stay in the loop to (1) find out when bookings open for the next intake, and (2) get a reminder before it starts so you don’t miss out.

Once you know when the next intake is, you can book into your first class by clicking on the  ‘book’ button on the Timetable page.

If you haven’t yet registered with our online booking site
(powered by MINDBODY) you’ll be prompted to do so when you book and pay for your class. When prompted to enter your email and password, go down to click on the ‘Create Account’ button

6. Decide how to pay

Our complete beginner (level 1) classes are offered as 12 week courses, which you can pay for through one upfront payment, or by taking out a monthly membership.

We have three levels of membership, which have a minimum of three months, and after that are no lock-in.

If you’re not quite ready for membership, you can pay casually (but you’ll save a lot on a membership plan) (only available on Level 2 and above)

Choose one of our no lock-in membership plans to suit how often you can get to class.

– 1 class/week

– 2 classes/week

– 3 classes/week

If you need any help along the way ...

Feel free to get in touch with us at or call Anne on 0408 240 772