Dance Classes for Adults in Glengowrie

Choose from 4 dance styles on the south coast



Ballet (L4 Experienced)

Contemporary (L4 Experienced)


Ballet Barre (L2 Beginner)

Mature Dance


Ballet (L1 Novice to L2 Beginner)

Ballet (L3 Intermediate)

Contemporary (L3 Intermediate)

Visit our Level webpage to find out more about the experience recommended for each level.

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Build strength, grace, flexibility, discipline and confidence, while at the same time learning artistry, expression, musicality and developing appreciation for a classical artform..

Contemporary dance classes for adults at Move Through Life Dance Studio in Adelaide and suburbs


Build a strong and supple physique and to develop a strong awareness of where your body is in space (kinaesthetic awareness)

dance conditioning

Dance Conditioning

Learn the exercises dancers use to continually improve strength, flexibility, and great posture.

Mature Dance - a dance class for older adults at Move Through Life Dance Studio

Mature Dance

Gentle dance exercise for over 50s to improve balance, flexibility, strength, coordination, and creativity, which draws on a range of dance styles.


Glengowrie Uniting Church
33 Butler Crescent, Glengowrie

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