Dance Classes for Adults in Henley Beach

Dance styles offered in Henley Beach

Tap dance classes for adults with Move Through Life Dance Studio


Learn to master the rhythm and style of tap dancing.  A full body cardio workout which tones your legs and turns your feet into a percussive instrument.


Develop a strong, agile body, sense of rhythm and learn to move with style.


Diana Scalzi

Diana Scalzi teaches jazz and tap dance classes for adults in Henley Beach for Move Through Life Dance Studio


Monday nights

at the Henley Fulham Uniting Church
214 Military Road, Henley Beach

6.30pm Level 2 (Beginner) Tap
7.30pm Level 2 (Beginner) Jazz

Level 2 (Beginner) is suitable for people who have done at least 3 months to 2 years in that dance style.

Minimum experience required:

Taken class regularly recently for at least 3 months

Haven’t danced for 5-10 years but danced for 2 years before that

If you’ve had a longer break from dance this level may be fine, or you might like to start at L1 and then switch after a few months.

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Henley Fulham Uniting Church
214 Military Road, Henley Beach

How much does it cost?

You can pay for our classes by taking out a membership
(choose from bronze, silver, gold or platinum, depending on how often you want to come to class).

 All memberships run for 12 months, but they are NO LOCK-IN. You can cancel at anytime by emailing us at

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