Jessica Allen

Jessica teaches Ballet and Dance Mix Mature in Glengowrie & Clarence Park.

I started dancing at the tender age of four and I continued into my teens.  I did ballet and jazz and studied under renowned teachers such as Sheila Laing here in South Australia and Lynette Denny in Queensland.  Through my adult life I have returned to dance many times and inevitably been dragged away by life’s commitments, but dance is in my DNA and I simply can’t stay away. Dance for me is the language of the soul.  It allows expression that words do not and the movement and the music bring me so much joy. My personal favourite style of dance is ballet – I just love the elegance and grace of this dance style.


Teaching the art of dance is a relatively new adventure for me and one I have welcomed with open arms because it means I get to spread that joy!  My classes as a child were always quite rigid and strict – no talking, perfect grooming, definitely NO walking on our heels! The MTL approach and my personal approach to teaching isn’t like that at all.  We are all here as adults to learn something new, have a great time, feel a connection with our bodies and the music and meet new people in a low pressure and enjoyable environment so please, if you are feeling nervous or self-conscious, let me assure you that you do not need to be because you will have a heap of fun, I am here to support you and guide you and get to know you!


I sincerely hope you love your dance classes as much as I love teaching you. See you soon!