Leanne Bate

Complex, sarcastic, and kind, Leanne Bate started ballet, contemporary and jazz only fairly recently, but has enough natural talent to get her into the MTL Performing Company already.  Before joining MTL, Leanne’s dance background included pole dancing, silks, and aerial work.

Insurance policy review officer by day, stunning dancer by night.  Find out more about Leanne in her answers to our Q&A

Tell us about your early dance journey? Where and when did you start?

Johnny Young Dance School at the age of 3 performing as a “Bionic Baby”. Jazz ballet classes. Ballroom dancing learnt from my parents and their dance teachers along with the torturous interschool dance lessons at the age of 14 – won the best dancer award though! Haha


What is your earliest memory of dance?

Probably being dance-carried around the room to John Farnham by my Mum.


What have been some standout moments/achievements you’ve had with dance?

Starting beginners classes at the Pole Boutique at the age of 32. Moving on to silks and hoop with Aerial Artists Adelaide.


What is your favourite thing about dance?

The mindfulness. The mental workout and concentration it takes gives me time away from thoughts of the day-to-day. The joy and sense of achievement at seeing my own improvements.


What dance styles are you most drawn to?



What for you is the most challenging and most rewarding aspect of dance?

Most rewarding thing is being part of a whole that is made up of such talented, supportive, beautiful people.


How many times a week do you dance? And what are they (eg class, rehearsals, where, with who?)

3 hours of ballet, contemporary, jazz class. 2 hour rehearsal. MTL


What keeps you motivated when you are tired, discouraged, or down?

Looking forward to how good I feel during and after dance.


Why did you decide to audition for the MTL Performing Company?

I have always aspired to perform but not had the opportunity (apart from a showcase with Aerial). I like to share my achievements with my loved ones so they can see my passion for themselves.


How did you hear about Move Through Life?

I was looking for adult beginner classes. I happened to choose MTL, where my sister was doing ballet classes at the time.


What is your favourite thing about being part of the MTL Performing Company?

The camaraderie. Dance is taught and enjoyed in such a beautiful way. Acceptance of all different types of people with all different dance backgrounds and abilities.


What always makes you laugh?

My friends and family. My niece and nephew. My cat, Crumble. Carl Barron.


What hobbies do you have outside of dance?

Getting out to different places in our State to experience all the beautiful wine and food experiences we’re so lucky to have close by.

What is your ‘day job’? (could be working, studying, volunteering etc)

Insurance policy review officer


Describe your personality in three (or so) words

Complex, sarcastic, kind.