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Jo McDonald

I can’t wait to help you pursue your dream of learning ballet …

It can be daunting joining a ballet class as a complete beginner, and so I’ve developed the free starter pack and full Introduction to Ballet for Adults online course to get you over that hurdle so that you can start to learn ballet online and build up the confidence to go to a studio class.

I’ve helped hundreds of adults discover how ballet makes them feel great, improve focus and mindfulness, reduce stress and anxiety, enjoy exercising, carve out regular ‘me time’, and discover the highlight of their day.  I hope you’ll join them.


Jo McDonald
Studio Owner, Move Through Life Dance Studio

Here's how you can start to learn ballet online:

1. Get free starter pack


4 video lessons to teach you how to:

  • stand for ballet
  • use your arms
  • stretch your feet
  • do a demi-plie

Part 1 of our Intro to ballet guide

  • full-illustrated PDF which
  • includes basic positions of feet and arms,
  • plus introduction to French terminology (the language of ballet)

2. Join our online community

A closed Facebook group where you can:

  • connect with other adult dancers
  • share your journey
  • seek advice
  • find inspiration
  • celebrate your achievements, and
  • find like minded people who share your love of ballet.

3. Buy the full intro course

The full Introduction to Ballet for Adults online course:

  • teaches the foundations of all sections of the ballet class, from the barre to the centre, port de bras (arm movements), to adage (slow, sustained movements), petit allegro (small jumps)
  • includes details on how to perform each movement, gives tips on how to make it easier and avoid common pitfalls, takes you through each enchainment (sequence of steps) with counts and with music (spoiler alert, we don’t use traditional ballet music, instead catering to a broader range of musical tastes)
  • teaches you a two-minute ballet dance that combines all you’ve learnt in the previous sections.
  • contains over 3 hours of video, plus extras like course notes (on how to make the most of the course) and a practice schedule
  • costs AUD$97 and if yours to keep forever

More about the full 'Introduction to Ballet for Adults online course'

The course is hosted through Namastream, an online video sharing platform designed for dance studios.

In addition to viewing the videos, you can:

* post comments and ask questions (to connect with me or other dancers doing the course)

* download the videos to keep forever

Lesson 1

  • How to stand for ballet
  • Warmup
  • Battement tendu (parallel devant)
  • Battement tendu (turned out, a la seconde)
  • Demi plie
  • Introduction to port de bras

Lesson 2

  • Battement tendu (combine devant and seconde)
  • Retiré
  • Chassé
  • Walks with extended foot
  • Walks on demi pointe
  • Pas de bourree
  • Révérance
Battement tendu

Lesson 3

  • Battement tendu en croix
  • Grand battement
  • Elevé
  • Port de bras with use of head
  • Chassé with arms
  • Side gallop and pointe

Lesson 4

  • Demi plié, sideways to the barre – 1st, 2nd and 3rd position
  • Battement Tendu and Grand Battement, with arms
  • Lifted walks
  • Petit jeté

Lesson 5

Battement Tendu, in 2 counts from 1st position

  • Retiré from 3rd position in 2 counts
  • Port de Bras, introducing 3rd position and your 3rd arm pathway
  • Port de Bras, introducing 4th position and your 4th arm pathway
  • Chassé, en avant and de côté combination
  • Sauté
  • Musicality
  • Balancé

Lesson 6

  • Battement Tendu, in 2 counts from 3rd position
  • Port de Bras, all 5 position
  • Side Gallops, with lift
  • Sauté in 1 count
  • Balancé, with arms
  • Dance, part 1

Lesson 7

The focus of this lesson is the second part of the dance.

Lesson 8

In your final lesson, you’ll revise what you’ve learnt in the dance so far, and learn the final part.

Fantastic course, taught by a beautiful dancer/teacher.
No previous ability required, no age limit, and no dancer's body needed
either! (Johanna)

I was surprised that I loved it so much! The pure enjoyment and delight in finding technical movement,
discipline, challenging exercise and great music has given me much happiness. (Marilyn)

Who is this course for?

Complete beginners (no experience)

People who have already done some ballet but never really learnt the fundamentals

People who haven’t done ballet for 20-30 years (or more) and want a refresher

Beginner ballet students who want to gain a more in-depth understanding of technique, rationale, terminology, and safe dance.


The course is $97 (Australian dollars)

If delivering this course in studio, it would take at least 12 classes, valued at $25/class, which would come to about $300. But it’s even better than 1 class per week over 12 weeks, because you can access the videos as much as you want. In addition, the course will include the practice videos, other support materials, and the online community of the Move Through Life Facebook group.

What you can do after finishing the course

If you live close enough to where we hold Move Through Life’s ballet classes (currently in Seacliff and Glengowrie in South Australia), you could come and join one of those, if the schedule fits yours.

Or you might like to find another ballet school near you that offers classes for adults.

Stay tuned for our Level 2 online ballet course for adults.

Move Through Life Dance Studio offers dance classes to adults of all ages in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and dance mix.  We pride ourselves on offering you a place to indulge your love of dance, whether you’re a complete beginner, had a long break from dance, or danced all your life.  Our classes have a broad mix of ages, and our philosophy is that you are never too old to dance, it is never too late to start, and you can dance forever!

If you have any questions, get in touch with Anne on 0408 240 772 or email

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