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Introductory online ballet course for adults

with Jo McDonald

Walk into your first ballet class with confidence ...

Welcome, I’m Jo.  Let me tell you why I created this course …

Ballet is a beautiful way to exercise your body, centre your mind, and express yourself, and there is no reason why it should just be for children and teenagers.

While I offer courses for absolute beginners at my dance studio, Move Through Life, I know that many adults who’d love to learn ballet can’t get to one of my classes. Perhaps my studio is too far away from you, or the time of the class doesn’t suit, or you’re keen to get started at a time when I’m not starting a new intro course in the studio.  I also know that many so-called beginner ballet classes are better suited to what I called experienced beginners, those who’ve been doing ballet for a few months and have learnt the basic movements and language.

So it seems like a no-brainer to me that being able to learn ballet online would mean more adults could start ballet, so that anyone who can’t get to my instudio classes can still take those first few steps on their journey as an adult dancer.

Being able to learn ballet online as an adult means you won’t make you feel self-conscious about your age, size, or lack of experience.  You can do the course at home to build confidence before you go into a class with other people.  You can learn at your own pace and fit it in around your schedule, practicing at a time and place that suits you.

After completing the course, you’ll be armed with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to go into a beginner ballet class and hold your own.

Ready to get started?

Ballet is the most beautiful way to exercise your body, centre your mind, and express yourself.

And you don’t need to be a particular age, have a certain body type, or any previous experience to get started.

Developed especially for adults and designed to set you up to have a rock solid foundation to embark on the rest of your ballet journey, which I trust will keep you fascinated for a lifetime.

Course contents

* Learn how to stand and move for ballet, from the tips of your fingers and toes to the top of your head

* The 5 most important barre exercises

* The 9 most important centre exercises

* Put it all together in a dance

* And don’t forget the traditional ‘thank you’ in ballet, the reverence

Over 3 hours of videos delivered over 8 lessons

You’ll learn the fundamentals of ballet technique and terminology, starting with the basic building blocks, and moving into movements that combine these basics, culminating in a 2 minute ballet dance.

  • Learn the fundamental ballets movements on which all other ballet steps are built
  • Clear instructions on each step, including tips and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • Each lesson builds on previous lessons, so you’ll learn to combine arms and legs, increase tempo, and combine steps
  • Learn the ballet terminology (which is all in French, so in a way you’ll be learning a second language)
  • Awesome range of music (not just ballet piano music)
  • It’s more than just ballet exercises, you’ll learn a dance that draws on all you’ve learnt in the course
  • Connect with other adult ballet dancers through our exclusive Move Through Life Facebook online community

  • The course is divided into 8 lessons. The first 5 focus on teaching you different exercises and steps.  In lessons 6, 7, and 8 you’ll learn a short ballet dance that uses many of the steps you’ve learnt in the course.
  • Hosted through Movitae, a subscription based online video sharing platform designed especially for dance studios.
  • Access the course via the Movitae website or on the go with the Movitae mobile app
  • Your purchase of the online ballet course gives you 3 months complimentary membership to our hosting platform Movitae. If you wish to access the course beyond 3 months, you are able to download the videos.  If you want to continue to use Movitae, you can sign up for a virtual membership for AUD$11/month, and you’ll also get access to all the other videos we share with our members.
  • If you prefer to have the course to keep on DVD, email us at info@movethroughlife.com.au to confirm pricing (which will vary depending on where in the world you are located and the associated costs of postage)
Battement tendu

Fantastic course, taught by a beautiful dancer/teacher.
No previous ability required, no age limit, and no dancer's body needed
either! (Johanna)

I was surprised that I loved it so much! The pure enjoyment and delight in finding technical movement,
discipline, challenging exercise and great music has given me much happiness. (Marilyn)

Who is this course for?

Complete beginners (no experience)

People who have already done some ballet but never really learnt the fundamentals

People who haven’t done ballet for 20-30 years (or more) and want a refresher

Beginner ballet students who want to gain a more in-depth understanding of technique, rationale, terminology, and safe dance.


The course is $97 (Australian dollars)

If delivering this course in studio, it would take at least 12 classes, valued at $25/class, which would come to about $300. But it’s even better than 1 class per week over 12 weeks, because you can access the videos as much as you want. In addition, the course will include the practice videos, other support materials, and the online community of the Move Through Life Facebook group.

What you can do after finishing the course

If you live close enough to where we hold Move Through Life’s ballet classes (currently in Seacliff and Glengowrie in South Australia – see our Locations page), you could come and join one of those, if the schedule fits yours.

Or you might like to find another ballet school near you that offers classes for adults.

Move Through Life Dance Studio offers dance classes to adults of all ages in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and dance mix.  We pride ourselves on offering you a place to indulge your love of dance, whether you’re a complete beginner, had a long break from dance, or danced all your life.  Our classes have a broad mix of ages, and our philosophy is that you are never too old to dance, it is never too late to start, and you can dance forever!

If you have any questions, get in touch with Anne on 0408 240 772 or email info@movethroughlife.com.au

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