Learn dance from home

We have developed resources to help you learn dance from home.  These are great if you can’t get to a studio that offers classes for adults, or you want to supplement your studio classes.

Online courses

At this stage we have one online course available.  Introduction to Ballet for Adults.   This is an eight lesson course (intended to be one lesson per week over eight weeks) where you’ll learn the basics of ballet, as well as a two-minute ballet dance.

Often the first few lessons are crucial in learning ballet, but if you join an existing class, you might miss these important elements.

The Intro to Ballet course is designed to bridge that gap, and make sure you have a sound understanding of the basics so you can join any beginner ballet class and hold your own.


Having a written guide to flip through is great when you want to check up on something or quickly answer a question.

For this reason we have developed a Ballet Guide which outlines all the movements covered in the Intro to Ballet course, including explanations and pronunciation of the French terminology, the reason for doing each movement, how to do the movement, and how that movement will help you learn more advanced movements.

Available as a PDF, or printed in black and white or full colour.

On Demand Video Library

Our On Demand Video Library is your go to place when you’re looking for a dance class, workout, tutorial, or choreography.

Choose a video in the dance style, level, type of video (class, workout etc), and duration to suit you.

Sign up for a 2 week free trial.  If you decide to continue, it’s only $10/month to maintain access to the library.