Megan Stewart

Meet Megan, our Marketing Assistant

Megan Stewart, Marketing Assistant at Move Through LIfe, dance classes for adults in Adelaide, South Australia

I’m very excited to be joining the team at Move Through Life Dance Studios as a Marketing Assistant.

I started working when I was just 15 years old and somehow I was able to skip working in fast food and manage to land a job as a Receptionist. It probably had something to do with my parents, who work in business and management, coaching me on how to nail an interview.

I quickly discovered that administration is the perfect career for me, as I love to interact with people but also need to be challenged. I genuinely enjoy statistics, organising, and problem solving; my husband often calls me boring when I’m talking about these things.

You won’t see me around much, as I’ll be in the background, working on my computer, looking at statistics and numbers. When I am around, you’ll probably also hear my toddler, Finley, close by.