Millie Garard

Millie teaches Ballet and Dance Mix Mature in Glengowrie

millie garard

I’ve loved moving to music for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest dance memories is our neighbour giving me a book on How To Be A Ballerina for my seventh birthday, and I used to practice positions of the feet and arms every day. Since then, I have taken classes in classical ballet, contemporary, folk, salsa and pole dancing. I’ve recently come back to the stage for the first time in 25 years to perform my own choreography and have enjoyed every moment of it, even the nerve wracking moments! I fully intend to keep dancing for as long as possible, no matter the genre, and I constantly surprise myself at what my body can achieve.

I firmly believe that people are made and meant to dance. It is one of the oldest art forms out there. My teaching is based on providing a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom, some quirky humour, loads of enthusiasm, and passing on some of my infectious joy and wonder in the ways you can use your body to move and to enjoy music. Welcome to my class!