A Home for the MTL Community

Our beautiful community now has a home of its own

From 4 July 2022, we will be operating from our new home, the iconic Roxy Theatre.

Roxy Theatre Adelaide - home for the Move Through Life community

The iconic, heritage listed Roxy Theatre was built in the 1930s in the Art Deco Style.  From the 1930s to the 1950s, it was a 1,000 seat cinema.  Several different businesses have used it over the years, and a few years ago, the ground floor was transformed into a dance studio, with two studio spaces, fitted out with mirrors and barres.  We will be installing sprung floors.

Getting to the Roxy

The studio has plenty of car parking, and is only 8 minutes drive (4.1km) from the Adelaide CBD.

It is also accessible to those from the southern suburbs, thanks to the Southern Expressway.  And there are multiple ways to get there in the event of roadworks (down South Road, Winston Avenue/East Terrace, or Anzac Highway)

It is also accessible by public transport.

  • Stop 5 on the Glenelg tramline is just around the corner
  • There are several bus stops near by
  • The closest train station on the City-Seaford line is Emerson Park, which is a7 minute bike ride, an 11 minute bus ride, or a 20 minute walk from the Roxy.


In term 3 (July to September) our timetable will remain largely unchanged, but now we have a home, we’ll be able to add a lot more classes.

Join our waiting list to make sure you’re emailed when we announce new classes.

Crowd funding campaign

We’ve only been able to secure our new home thanks to the generosity of our community.

In March 2022, we ran a crowd funding campaign and reached our stretch target of $30,000!

It was an amazing experience, and the generosity of some members of our community was astonishing.  The final 24 hours of the campaign were so exciting as we watching the amount pledged rise from around $23,000 to $30,000.

See the video we had on our crowd funding page (hosted on the Pozible platform, an Australian crowd funding platform to help artists raise funds), and the names of many of the wonderful people who contributed (some chose to remain anonymous).

The video was created by Nathan Troisi, and he donated his time and expertise (ps his mother Helen is also in the video), and we can’t thank him enough.

Crowd funding contributors

Platinum contributors

Diana Waters

Sue Gould

Gold contributors

Ali Murphy

David Jolly

Dianne Mobbs

Helen Troisi

Marg Whelan

Shana Inge

Sue Swan

Susan Gould

Teri Allen

Silver contributors

Alison Ireland

Amy Johnston

Angela Kusuma

Ann Lewis

Anne Deaton

Anne Stewart

Anne-Louise Greenland

Annette Rohde

Belinda Cooper

Ben and Alex Whelan

Carly Thompson-Barry

Carolyn Gregoric

Cassie Magin

Cathy Aitchison

Catie Cullen

Christine McElhinney

Clair Doherty Adcock


Claire Baldwin

Courtney Wilson

Marilyn and David Jolly


Francisco Baez

Galyna Dashko

Georgina Lumb

Helen Atkinson

Helen Collopy

Helen Troisi

Ina Pope

Janice Schultz

Jayne Geeson

Jeff Clifford

Jenni Osborn


Jenny Hilton

Jo Czippan

Julie Martinsen

Karyn Martin

Kellie Woolford

Kerry Levett

Kirstin Wache

Larissa Ramsay

Lauren Bullivant

Leanne Bate

Leanne Taylor

Lee Jones

Leigh Hodgkiss

Leonie Alexander


Louise Taylor

Lynette Pamela Betelli

Lynn Martin

Margaret and Michael Richardson

Maureen Sherlock

Megan Stewart

Milusa Garard (donated twice)

Naomi Liddell

Nicolle Vale

Nikki Souvertjis

Pamela Shepherd

Rachel Gillespie

Rhianna Poole

Rhiannon Newman

Ruth Croall

Sadie Peck

Sally Fudge

Sally-Ann Warnes

Stepz Dance Academy

Sue Gardiner

Sue McC

Susie Buchecker

Tammy Shields

Tracy Jenner

Trudy Brazil

Vicki Freer

Yvette Winter

Bronze contributors

Alison Flesher

Anne Bell

Anne-Louise Greenland

Ashley Lane

Bronwyn Ludlam

Camila Saraiva

Carole Fustes

Carrie Taylor

Cassandra Rust

Catherine Chittleborough

Christine Reed

Claudia Mori

Deborah Whitelock

Galyna Dashko

Georgina Lumb

Grant Croall

Heather Hutchinson

Jane Cursaro

Jeff Clifford

Jill  Milllburn

Jo Ogden

John O’Neil

Kate Whelan

Kirsty Kelly

Kristy Manuel

Lisa Whitington

Myf Davis

Nicola Ryder

Nicole Molloy

Olivia Jenkinson

Rhianna Poole


Sienna Richardson


Sylvia Van Gerven

Tara O’Loughlin

Taylor Robinson

Zac Goode

Zita Ziukelis

Acknowledgement only

Amy Mellow

Annabel Whitford

April Grant

Belinda Van Gerven

Carolyn Gregoric

Claudia Mori

Craig Kiah

Danielle Gyss

Dee Newman

Elisa England

Fiona Croall

Gail Hewton

Jenny Marsh

Jeremy Gill

Joanna and Roger Lumb

Karlee Naumann

Margaret Oliver

Marilyn West

Mary Karic

Matt Burr

Milusa Garard

Pearl Anne jennings

Rosemary Wilson

Russell Smith

Sandi Stuut

Stella Thomas

Tennille Mares

Teri Mavrangelos

Tina Cook

Tracee Micallef

Vicki Winter

Victoria Brumpton

No reward

Anne Deaton

Anne Stewart

Carolyn Mills

Cheryl McDonald

Colin McDonald

Di Phillips

Emma Hampton

Emma Quigley

Eva Jaruzelski

Fiona Telford-Sharp

Gemma Weedall

Jane S

Josie Bruce

Kirrabelle Lovell

Leah Kennewell

Leon and Agnese

Leonie Alexander

Lizzie Vilmanis

Lyn Flaherty

Lyn Koehne

Lynne McIntyre

Mandy Scutter

Marg Whelan

Nicole Molloy

Paola Davis

Paul Ransom

Renee Magin

sally constable

Sandi Grimmett

Talia Kiely

Teresa Mori

Tracey Roughana

Tracie Armstrong