Ballet basics for adults (online course)

$120.00 Incl GST

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Take the course at your own pace, or follow our 8 week lesson schedule

Connect with your teacher and other adults who share your dream of learning ballet and want to start from the basics.

You’ll receive video tutorials to teach you the foundation of all ballet movements, as well as practice videos, a fully illustrated ballet guide, and access to our closed Facebook group where you can connect with your teacher and others taking the course.



Online ballet course for beginner adults.

A self-paced, on demand course that can easily be completed in 8 weeks.

You’ll learn:

  • the fundamental movements that form the foundation of all ballet movements
  • the French terminology used in ballet (including how the words are written and pronounced, and what they mean)
  • basic rhythm and musicality
  • fundamentals of safe dance practice
  • how to put all the movements together into a 2-minute dance\

You’ll get:

  • 8 lessons, each of which includes several video tutorials, that will teach you everything from how to stand for ballet, walk like a ballet dancer, positions of the arms and feet, and much more
  • Each lesson includes developments of the movements you’ve learnt in previous lessons, as well as new movements
  • Each lesson will also include a ‘class video’ which puts together the steps taught in the tutorials so you can practice the steps taught in that week and previous weeks
  • Membership of our Ballet Basics for Adults Facebook group, where you can connect with others doing the course, as well as with me

Added bonuses:

    • PDF copy of the Level 1 Ballet Guide, which is a 67-page, fully illustrated booklet that covers each step learnt in the course (what it is, the French name, what it means and how to pronounce it, how to do the step, why we do the step, and what it leads to)
    • you can send video of your progress to me so I can give you feedback to make sure your technique is correct.