Ballet Learning Guide – Level 1 (PDF)

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Our 72-page Ballet Learning Guide is a must-have companion for any beginner adult ballet dancer.

The guide will help you unlock the mysteries of the wondrous art of ballet. With this guide, you can master the French terminology (how to pronounce the words and what they mean), and gain insight into the exact purpose of each movement.

It’s packed with gorgeous photographs to show you exactly what each movement or position should look like (and make sure you can escape common pitfalls so you can avoid feeling like a bumbling beginner).

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One of the challenging things about learning ballet is that the language of ballet is French, so all the movements and instructions are given in French.

But instead of getting lost in the translation, this ballet guide will help you learn ballet terminology and master the French words , including how to pronounce them and the English translation. In addition, the guide gives you photographs to illustrate each movement, explains how to do each movement and why the movement is important (what does it train your body to do, and what more advanced steps does it lead to).

The guide is divided into four sections to cover everything learnt in our Introduction to Ballet course (available as an ‘in studio’ or video course).  Each section includes a self-assessment guide so you can track your progress.

Part 1: Positions and directions

  • Positions of the arms
  • Positions of the feet
  • Directions of the limbs
  • Body facing
  • Direction of movement

Part 2: Barre

  • Battement tendu
  • Demi plié
  • Retiré
  • Grand battement

Part 3: Centre

  • Port de bras
  • Degagé
  • Chassé
  • Pas de bourree
  • Galop
  • Walks and runs
  • Sauté
  • Petit jeté
  • Balancé

Part 4: Broader elements of ballet

  • Technique
  • Rhythm and musicality
  • Memory
  • Safe dance practice

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