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Ballet basics for adults (online course)

$120.00 Incl GST

An online ballet course designed for adults with absolutely no ballet experience.

Take the course at your own pace, or follow our 8 week lesson schedule.

At the end of the course, you’ll have the skills and confidence to join a beginner ballet class in the studio.

Each lesson includes:

  • several short tutorial videos to teach you how to do a new step or a more advanced step you learnt in a previous lesson
  • a ‘practice video’, which is essentially a ballet class perfectly suited to the skills you’ve mastered in the the tutorials


Ballet Learning Guide – Level 1 (PDF)

$22.00 Incl GST

Our 72-page Ballet Learning Guide is a must-have companion for any beginner adult ballet dancer.

The guide will help you unlock the mysteries of the wondrous art of ballet. With this guide, you can master the French terminology (how to pronounce the words and what they mean), and gain insight into the exact purpose of each movement.

It’s packed with gorgeous photographs to show you exactly what each movement or position should look like (and make sure you can escape common pitfalls so you can avoid feeling like a bumbling beginner).