Tap dance classes for adults

Get a cardio workout which tones your legs & turns your feet into a percussive instrument

tap dance classes for adults

How tap class makes a difference

Improve cardiovascular fitness, giving your heart and lungs a workout so they function better (and reduce the risk of heart disease)

Build strength in your legs, which improves balance and posture.

Help regular blood pressure by getting the blood flowing around your major muscle groups, so arteries contract and dilate more efficiently.

Improve brain functioning when you master rhythms and complex foot work, helping reduce the risk of dementia.

Tone your legs and develop muscular stamina in the thighs, quadriceps, and calves.

You’ll reduce stress and worry as you take an hour out of your day to just be in the moment and calm your mind.

Maintain bone density through this fun weight bearing exercises, which will reduce likelihood of osteoporosis and bone fractures as you age.

Improve confidence as you develop rhythm and style in your movement.

Manage weight more effectively (you can burn around 315 calories per hour, and even burn up to 700 calories per hour, depending on the pace and steps per hour).

What type of dance is it?

In a tap class our warm up consists of shuffle exercises and ankle control and balance.

Using the six hits we begin to learn different tap combinations such as the “time step” and many other rhythm combinations such as “paddles”.

Then later we work on technical travelling corner work and finish with a fun routine.


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33 Butler Crescent, Glengowrie

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214 Military Road, Henley Beach

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