Check out our timetable of dance classes online (all classe are currently online due to COVID-19 shutdown)

Visit Find the right level page for more information about experience required for each level.

All classes go for 1 hour unless specified.

All classes are now online due to COVID-19 shutdown

Our in studio classes can’t run at the moment due to government regulations associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

So that we can stay connected and keep dancing, you can now access our 25+ dance classes online until further notice.
Some classes will be pre-recorded, some livestreamed, and some group collatorations (so you can see and talk to each other).

We will keep this page updated with our timetable for dance classes online which you can access on Namastream

Timetable for online dance classes with Move Through Life Dance Studio

The below timetable is our usual on-site classes


LocationStart TimeStyle/Level
Henley Beach6pmTap (L2.1)
7pmJazz Mature (L2)
8pmTap (L4)


LocationStart TimeStyle/Level
Seacliff6pmBallet Mature (L2.3)
7pmBallet (L2.4)
8pmBallet (L3.3)
9pm (1/2 hour)Intro to Pointe (L2.2)


LocationStart TimeStyle/Level
Clarence Park6pmDance Mix Mature (L1)
6pm (room 2)Jazz Mature (L2.1)
7pmJazz (L3)
7pm (room 2)Jazz (L2.1)
8pmJazz (L4)
8pm (room 2)Contemporary (L2.1)
Seacliff10amJazz Mature (L2.1)
11amBallet Mature (L2.3)


LocationStart TimeStyle/Level
Glengowrie6pmContemporary (L2.4)
6pm (Room 2)Tap Mature (L2)
7pmBallet (L5)
7pm (Room 2)Tap (L2.3)
8pmContemporary (L5)
8pm (Room 2)Ballet (L2.1)


LocationStart TimeStyle/Level
Glengowrie9.30amBallet Barre (L3.2)
10.30amDance Mix Mature (L1)
10.30am (Room 2)Jazz Mature (L2.1)
11.30amBallet Barre (L1)


LocationStart TimeStyle/Level
Glengowrie12.15pmContemporary (L1) Intro course
12.15pm (Room 2)Tap (L1) Intro Course
1.15pmBallet (L2.4)
1.15pm (Room 2)Jazz (L1) Intro Course
2.15pmPointe (L1)
2.15pm (Room 2)Ballet (L1) (Intro course)
2.45pmBallet (L4.3)
3.15pm (Room 2)Ballet (L2.1)
3.45pmBallet (L2.2)

Intake of new students every 12 weeks (January, April, July, September)

Want to know when registrations open for our next intake?

Venue & Address for each Location

Clarence Park
Clarence Park Community Centre, 72-74 East Avenue, Black Forest

Glengowrie Uniting Church, 33 Butler Terrace, Glengowrie

Henley Beach
Henley Fulham Uniting Church, 214 Military Road, Henley Beach

Seacliff Uniting Church, 7-9 Wheatland Street, Seacliff

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